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Dog Training

Professional Dog Training is the #1 Off-Leash dog trainer and canine behavior specialist in the your Area. Whether you want your dog On-Leash or Off-Leash obedient, we can help. Information on behaviorists, trainers, puppy classes, adult dog classes, behavior modification, aggressive and dominant dogs. Referrals to veterinarians in your County.
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Dog Psychology Method

People often ask if we guarantee our service. We answer that our training is Guaranteed for as long as the dog lives. Our Guarantee is unmatchable by any other company! We are number 1 in the dog training field, that is why before you sign up with us for dog training we come to your house and show you first hand how Great we are with our 100% Free Demo!
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Keep in mind that obedience commands are a whole other world than getting your dog to stop being aggressive, pushy, dominant, rowdy and hyper. Many people like us because we focus on restoring order and making dogs calm. We are second-to-none in teaching on and off-leash obedience and canine behavior modification.

Protection Dog Training

Our Protection dog/K9 Training is customized to each individual clients needs and by their dogs capabilities. Protection Dog/K9 Training is not about making a dog mean or aggressive it is about having full control of their dogs mouth the dog learns never to use their mouth unless told to. We also offer Dogs for Sale which includes fully trained family protection dogs and dogs that are not yet trained for those clients who wish to customize their protection training. Call today for available dogs from our kennel.
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