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Professional Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Training offers the most advanced and proven dog training services in Northern California. Included in all our training programs is a lifetime Guarantee that can not be beaten by anyone. We specialize in giving owners reliable control on or off the leash no matter what distractions are around.

Northern California

We provide professional dog training services to Contra Costa County and various surrounding areas. This Northern California dog training location, is also very close to San Francisco, and Oakland California.


Whether it is private dog training that you are looking for, dog training classes or both, we offer all of this and more at this particular California dog training location. Dog obedience, dog aggression, puppy training, house breaking, and just about anything that will help your dog become the best pet, or working dog that you can have. We specialize in having your dog completley trained, even under the most distracting circumstances that one can imagine.


Dog training to some is a hobby business, but to us it is a profession. While there are certainly more inexpensive training classes that you could attend, the value of the training we provide is based on the results others are not able to achieve. A large percentage of our clients have previously attended a less expensive training program only to be unsatisfied with the results. Let us help you achieve the relationship you have always wanted with your dog.

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Gary Reynolds Pro Dog Trainer

Gary Reynolds

Four dog Attack Protection Training

For more information please contact us by email or call now & schedule a 100% free demonstration and evaluation of your dog.

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